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We set out to refine the experience of modern life - by bringing back the classics.

We pour our hearts into the products we design and manufacture to make sure you not only purchase an impeccable product but also a remarkable experience. In 2017 our core team members sharing the same vision came together to create a brand that will answer our most fundamental question - how do we blend classic style and fashion with modern day utility?

The result is Hyde.

HYDE respects the classics, and our mission is to take them to a new level. By breaking down and reinventing timeless products, we infuse new meaning in a modern setting - all while preserving classic style.

Everything we build is designed with our core philosophy in mind, so we can inspire people through the work we do. Take our logo for an example. We take “hide”, the skin of an animal, a timeless material, and switch out the “i” with a “y” for “you”. Then, we split the word in half, as with what we do with tradition: break and reinvent.

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